So you’ve purchased an Edge product? Lucky you! Providing our customers with the highest quality support is our utmost priority and we’ll do everything we can to keep you comfy and happy. Remember you can contact us, we’re always here for you! But while you’re here, below you will find some important F.A.Qs, warranty information, returns information and other downloads. Stay comfy!



What is an “ideal” sitting posture?

It is difficult to define an “ideal” sitting posture as this will depend on several factors such as your stature, the height of your desk, limb measurements and preferred gaming position. A common misconception is that an upright sitting posture is the most preferred sitting position. However, a reclined sitting posture is also considered acceptable as long your’re not sitting in a slumped posture. i.e. with upper back excessively rounded and positioned away from the backrest. The design and functionality of the GX1 enables gamers to be support in all gaming postures i.e. forward leaning / engaged, upright / neutral and reclined / relaxed posture.

Why should I use the dynamic sitting option?

The unique asynchronous gravity tilt mechanism, with independent tension controlled backrest tilt, enables you to sit in free float mode. This enables easy transitioning between postures without needing to manually adjust the chair and promotes movement which can help to reduce the risk of strain from prolonged sitting. You can also easily lock any position within the range of adjustment so that you can also sit in a preferred posture without movement.

Why should I adjust my seat depth?

Ensuring your appropriate seat depth ensures you adequately support your legs and optimise sitting posture in line with your specific leg length. The seat depth can be easily adjusted by the lever under the seat base. As a rule of thumb, the seat depth should be adjusted so that you have approximately 2-3 fingers space between the front edge of the seat and the back of calf in your optimised sitting posture.

Why should I ensure my chair is positioned at the correct height?

One of the most common ergonomic seating issues is a poorly positioned seat height in line with the users stature and desk height. Furthermore, some existing gaming chair manufacturers provide gas stems with inadequate range of height adjustability for a gamer to be positioned at the ideal height. Inappropriate seat height reinforces poor spinal and arm posture and will impact on gaming performance. You should adjust the height of your chair so that the underside of your elbows are just above the desk height with your arms by your side and your elbows bent to approximately 90 degrees.

Why should I consider a footrest?

Often there is a misconception that footrests are only required for smaller stature users. However, when you position the chair at the optimal height for your stature and desk height you should be able to comfortably position your feet on the floor. If your feet do not touch the floor, then your legs will be unsupported and this can increase the level of strain associated with prolonged sitting. An EDGE height and angle adjustable footrest should be considered in this instance. Remember, you should check your legs are supported in all gaming positions, including the reclined position, when considering whether a foot rest is required.

How can I adjust the backrest height and position the inflatable lumbar support?

The backrest incorporates a simple ratchet system. You manually lift the backrest to the desired height and it will naturally click into the positioned when released. If you need to lower the back rest height, lift the backrest to the maximum height then let it naturally lower down to the lowest height. Then lift again to the desired position. The apex of the lower back support should be positioned in the small of your back.

How can I adjust the inflatable lumbar support?

The inflatable lumbar support is inflated by a hand pump which includes a release valve for deflation. Each person should inflate the lumbar support to the desired level of protrusion to minimise the potential for spinal strain from sustained sitting. Remember, to position the rubber section of the pump in the clip under the chair for storage.

How do I adjust the head and neck support?

The head and neck height, depth and tilt can be manually adjusted. You can also tighten the support with an Allen key to increase the level of resistance to rotation. Remember, the lower section of the support should be positioned in the curve of your neck while the back of your skull should rest into the indented section. The support should be adjusted so that your head and neck feels relaxed and supported in an upright or reclined position.

Why use combination of synthetic and natural fibres to cover the chair instead of using leather?

While leather is luxurious, it does not have ideal thermal comfort properties i.e. it can be cold in cooler climates and excessively warm in hot conditions, or during prolonged sitting, which increases the likelihood of excessive localised perspiration e.g. around the lower back. Our unique outer fabric layer which combines combination synthetic and organic materials, has enhanced levels of thermal comfort when compared to leather yet also offers the luxurious feel and durability of of this material.

What is the load rating on our chairs?

Our chairs can withstand up to 150 kg during normal use.

Chair assembly?

Our chairs come part assembled and please refer to the user manual for further information.

How should I clean my chair?

The outer fabric layer is easily cleaned with a damp cloth. If necessary, a small amount of mild water based detergent can also be used and wiped off with a damp cloth.

What is covered under the 5 year guarantee?

All chairs are supplied with a five-year guarantee against fault in manufacture, including structural parts, when used in normal conditions for up to 8 hours a day. The guarantee is conditional in that it covers normal use and that misuse has not taken place and that the final decision rests with EDGE, their component and fabric suppliers. The guarantee is conditional on the purchaser providing a description of any fault and, if needed, returning the product to EDGE for assessment. Please submit a contact form (hyperlink) or email is at for any further information.

What if I need any further information regarding the chair?

We’re always happy to provide any further information about our chairs and accessories. If you have any questions, please fill in our contact form or email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Can I return the chair if I've changed my mind?

We don’t accept return of chairs that are in good working order i.e. if you’ve changed your mind. For all orders through our website, we hand make your chair i.e. custom build. This type of sale is an exception to an automatic right of refund in the UK. Further advice can be found at the following web address;