EDGE was founded by Clyde Crawford and Neil Hill who both have extensive computer and gaming industry experience in ergonomics, product design, manufacturing, distribution and sales. We developed our flagship product, the GX1 gaming chair, in response to the gaming chair market being  awash with poor quality chairs that that purport to be “ergonomic” yet often lack key design and adjustability features to adequately support most gamers. Even supposed higher end gaming chairs often lack key fundamental ergonomic design elements to provide optimal support. Furthermore, we also provide a cost effective height and angle adjustable foot rest which is indicated for many users to optimise sitting posture and the support provided by the chair.

Our primary goal is to continue to develop truly ergonomically gaming products that optimise gamers performance, comfort and health.

Neil Hill

Neil Hill has extensive gaming industry knowledge and has many years of director level experience in product selection, design and distribution for some of the world’s leading computer and gaming industry organisations.

Clyde Crawford

Clyde Crawford is a Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist which is the foremost level of ergonomics accreditation. He has extensive experience in product design and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) ergonomics.