In line with the Covid-19 crisis, production of the GX1 has ceased for the time being and we’re unable to manufacture any new orders at this time. In the meantime, our exclusive retail partner, Scan, has the GX1 in stock or you can make an online order on our website and we’ll start manufacturing your new chair once we’re back up and running. We’ll provide a further update in the near future once we’ve confirmed a date for restarting production. Apologies for any inconvenience and we hope you stay healthy and well during this challenging period.

Edge Shield (White Small)


Our flagship gaming chair, the Edge GX1, is expertly hand built in the UK with luxurious materials, beautiful stitching, memory foam and industry leading functionality. With all the premium features of a high-end ergonomic chair, yet incorporates unique features for all gaming styles and situations. Our chairs are crafted with fine attention to detail and no expense spared, along with being backed by our 5 year guarantee.

We know that gamers need optimal support and freedom of movement in sitting to perform at their best over sustained periods. The design, functionality and build quality of the EDGE GX1 will keep you streets ahead of the competition.

Why choose the GX1?

It’s simple, our chair is designed with true ergonomics expertise, is hand built in the UK and provides a level of support and functionality that far exceeds existing gaming chairs in the marketplace. Key elements that evidence the GX1’s true ergonomics principles and separate it from the competition are as follows:

  • Unique asynchronous  gravity driven free float mechanism which enables the user to lock the chair in the desired position or to adopt a dynamic sitting position with minimal effort. N.B. Dynamic sitting can promote movement which helps to reduce the strain associated with prolonged sitting and also enable the user to easily transition from a reclined / relaxed gaming position to a standard upright position and a more forward leaning fully engaged gaming position.
  • Independent tension controlled backrest tilt functionality.
  • Completely independent seat base and back rest tilt functionality to ensure optimal positioning.
  • Additional memory foam layer on the seat base over a high density foam to enhance weight bearing comfort.
  • Seat depth adjustment to enhance support in line with the users leg length.
  • A contoured seat base with decompression zone for the tailbone that further enhances comfort and posture.
  • Contoured and sculpted back rest that enhances kidney and spinal support for sustained sitting.
  • Independently height adjustable back rest.
  • Inflatable lower back (lumbar support) that provides enhanced comfort
  • and much more..